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gentle gymnastics

“Nothing about our patterns of behavior is permanent except our belief that they are. Moshe Feldenkrais.
“The human body seems to possess an ordering tendency which collaborates in instantly putting everything “in its place” as soon as it is given the slightest possibility. Dr. Lily Ehrenfried

The moment of movement...

These bodily approaches, concrete and subtle, allow movement to rediscover the innate intelligence of the body.
These explorations are based on sensory awakening and awareness.
They invite, from simple and unusual movements, carried out with a minimum of effort, most often simple to execute, to regain one's natural mobility. The student can thus free himself from the educational and mechanical constraints that are often sources of stiffness, stress, settling and pain.

Classes are held in small groups or in individual sessions. 

The practitioner describes the movements. The student realizes them as he perceives them and discovers his best possible mobility by adapting to his possibilities of the moment. The slow rhythm, interspersed with rest periods, promotes awareness and the awakening of sensations specific to each person.

Over time the body changes. Tonus and posture improve, gestures become more fluid. “Presence to oneself” becomes part of everyday life and restores confidence and joie de vivre. In order to achieve balance and harmony, during each session active relaxation and breathing are discussed. The identification of defective habits leads to the correct osteo-articular placement and muscle toning. Gradually, the functions of the internal organs will be improved by the moderating effect of breathing. The psyche itself will change in connection with the change in bodily habits.

These methods are for everyone regardless of age and physical condition.
Madame Ehrenfried (1896-1994), physiotherapist, and Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984), doctor of physics and pioneer of judo, are at the origin of these techniques

The soft gym reconciles the body and the spirit

MarieClaire Reigner and the  soft gymnastics

Graduate of the State Certificate of Sports Educator in Gymnastic Expression and Associated Disciplines,

Practitioner certified in Holistic Gymnastics by Marie-Jo Guichard, student of Dr Lily Ehrenfried,

Certified practitioner of the Feldenkrais method trained by Myriam Pfeffer,

“Holistic gymnastics for children” training with Jenny Hess, student of Marie-Jo Guichard,

Certification of the first year in the method of the muscular and articular chains of Godelieve Denys-Struyf (chains GDS),

Posture and movement GDS method by Philippe Campignon

Classes and internships in anatomy for movement (Blandine Calais Germain) and Bones For Life (Lara Liu and Christian Michaillat).

Professional experience 

Teaching of global body techniques for adults and seniors within sports associations, works councils, prevention centers for retirees,

Intervention in the context of the training of social workers and specialized educators and at the trade union chamber of training professionals,

Intervention in the practice of mediation at the Catholic Institute of Paris (IFONEME)
Stress management (IFOCAP),

Conference/workshop for business leaders and consultants Mosaïque training organization.

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