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8 au 9 juin



Welcome to Marie-Claire Reigner's website.
Kashmir yoga according to the teaching of Jean Klein transmitted by Eric Baret.

"Let one meditate on one's own Self in the form of a firmament unlimited in all directions,
As soon as consciousness finds itself deprived of all support,
Then the Energy manifests its true essence.”
Vijnana Bhairava Tantra (Sloka 92)


Movement is silence

When seated, the back and forth of the breath lets silence cover the motionless body.
The body spreads out, occupies the space millimeter by millimeter, stretches, extends, retracts to launch itself into the void that remains intact.
Meditative listening where the body unfolds according to asanas and pranayamas.
Exploring all directions of space, the pose goes beyond the body. Gradually, Man strips himself of all resistance, of all intention, of all memory.
In the moment, everything dies and simultaneously lives: presence, breath, vibration.
The energy body awakens, the physical body and the mind surrender to stillness, to emptiness.
The pulsation resonates throughout the being.
The rhythm is smooth and regular.
The momentum of verticality points like a rising flame.
The body moves, vibrates, shines and sparkles like a shooting star in the firmament.
Spouting organic movement, ebb and flow, gesture and stillness, form and non-form mingle and intertwine.
Wonder body of innocence abandoning itself to its true nature.
State of grace. Everything is silent.
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